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Dry Ice For Domestic Purposes in Miami Dade County

BioCo2 Freeze is your fastest growing distributor of dry ice for both personal and commercial uses.

We deliver dry ice throughout Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.

Dry ice sale Miami Dade County

Dry Ice For Personal Uses

Are you planning to transport frozen goods to your next outdoor camping event? While camping or leaving town, dry ice can flash freeze your goods until it reaches your destination. Here at BioCo2 Freeze, we supply dry ice for domestic uses in the quantity you need.

SAFETY PRECAUTION: Handle dry ice while wearing mittens or heavy gloves and do not swallow or inhale!

Dry ice sale that will make your party sizzle

Practical And Fun Uses Of Dry Ice

Dry ice is renowned for its efficient and practical cooling characteristics. Did you know that the dry ice that we supply at BioCo2 Freeze can be used in urgent as well as fun ways?

• If your freezer is broken or there's no electricity, dry ice can save all your frozen goods (on a temporary basis)!

• If you are planning a themed party (Disney's Frozen, Harry Potter, etc.), think of adding chunks of dry ice to create a snow-like and fog effect across the floor.

Order your high quality dry ice at BioCo2 Freeze today.

An effective coolant that leaves no residue

We supply dry ice for:

  • Fishing
  • Ice cream sellers
  • Cooling and transportation
  • Personal and commercial uses

We provide dry ice of the highest quality only.

5735 Ne 2nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33137


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