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Dry Ice For Commercial Transportation in Miami Dade County

BioCo2 Freeze is a reliable dry ice distributor that serves in and around Miami Dade County.

We offer dry ice solutions for commercial transportation needs.

Dry ice for commercial transportation Miami Dade County

Transporting Frozen Items

Dry ice is a cost-effective and practical way to transport frozen items to and fro across the country. If you need dry ice for your commercial transportation needs, search no further! BioCo2 Freeze supplies dry ice in large quantities to ease your cooling needs during shipping processes. We offer only the best quality of dry ice throughout Miami Dade County.

No residue left, no hassles

Flash Freezing During Commercial Transportation

Here at BioCo2 Freeze, we understand your need to ship your customers' frozen goods safely, without any damage. This is why, dry ice is the best option when it comes to freezing goods throughout their journey. Rest assured that dry ice is much more long-lasting than wet ice and does not leave any residue or liquid.

Ship your customers' frozen goods safely

Why Choose BioCo2 Freeze?

  • Dry ice available for both personal and commercial use
  • Supply in large quantities
  • Easy to use and handle
  • High quality dry ice
  • Delivery services available
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

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5735 Ne 2nd Ave.

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